Carefree Florida flower seeds FREE SHIPPING

Wild dandelion FREE SHIPPING

Dandelions have been used medicinally for hundreds, if not thousands, of years and now they're being grown for their tender, fresh greens. Our seeds are from native Dandelions and are non-GMO, heirloom, pesticide free and adapted to our climate.


Red Gaillardia FREE SHIPPING

Our seed is non-GMO, pesticide free and grown in our own gardens, where the plants have adapted to our Northeast Florida micro climate. This beautiful plant, also called Blanket Flower will enthusiastically self-seed in a permanent bed covered in full sun and lots of love. You may never have to buy seed again.



STATE FLOWER. This sun-loving, low-maintenance perennial is so easy to care for that the Florida Department of Transportation has been growing them in highway medians since 1963 due their low mainteance requirements and cheerful appearance.Seed is from our own St. Augustine gardens. Plant it in a sunny spot. Organic, non-GMO and chemical free. Native.


Red Crepe Myrtle FREE SHIPPING

Seeds are from our own beautiful tree and are organic. 20 pods.


Blanket flower FREE SHIPPING

Blanket flower is seen growing lushly wild all over Saint Johns County and the State DOT sows it in medians for its beauty and low care requirements. Native.


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