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All natural local veggie wash soap with FREE SHIPPING

Wash all your produce in our all-natural veggie wash soap. All the ingredients are natural and mild and it kills bugs and parasites with a teaspoon of food-grade cinnamon oil in each bar.

Caress the bar between your hands under running water, lather it up and use the lather to clean your produce.

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Veggie Wash Soap

All natural, won't leave a residue and disinfects with food grade cinnamon oil. FREE SHIPPING


Local heirloom herbs – harvested same day as delivery

We also offer fresh, local pesticide free Thai Basil, Flat Leave Parsley, Rosemary, Italian Oregano and spring onion tops for $4 a bunch. Perfect for making a bouquet garni (New York Times video and recipe here)

We snip it the same day and will drive it within St. Johns County for a $5 delivery fee (3 bunch minimum).


Herb bunch – Local, pesticide-free Lemongrass from our decade-old plant.

Herb bunch – Local, organic Lemongrass

Local, pesticide-free Lemongrass from our decade-old plant. Wonderful in soups, stocks, with fish, in marinades and, of course, in Thai cuisine. Also used medicinally.


Herb bunch – Local pesticide-free Flat-leaf Parsley

Grow locally, pesticide-free and snipped the same day it's delivered. Flat leaf is the more flavorful variety compared to Curly Leaf, which adds texture more than flavor.


Herb bunch – Local pesticide-free Thai Basil

Grow locally, pesticide-free and snipped the same day it's delivered. Wonderfully fragrant. Great for both Thai AND Italian cuisine!


Herb bunch- Local pesticide-free Chives

Grow locally, pesticide-free and snipped the same day it's delivered. Healthy, thick bunch with a wonderful onion-y flavor that's good in mashed potatoes, on baked potatoes, in eggs and on and on ...


Local, pesticide-free green onion tops

Just the fresh greens, snipped the day you order.


Local, pesticide-free Rosemary

Our rosemary comes from bushes that are nearly a decade old and grown in local conditions in local soil without the use of pesticides. Snipped the same day it's delivered.


Local, pesticide free Italian Oregano

The spicy, deep peppery taste of fresh Oregano is preserved by cutting the same day it's delivered. Local and pesticide-free.


Organic heirloom seedlings

grown on demand, delivered locally

All of our seedlings are organic, grown from heirloom seeds and approved for the Saint Johns County area. We start them as soon as you order them and they will be ready for hardening off in two-four weeks depending on the variety.

Four-inch pots, with at least three seedlings per pot.

Delivery fee is $5, with 3 -pot minimum purchase. DELIVERY IN THE COUNTY ONLY

Heirloom Tomato seedlings

Native Everglades tomato seedlings

Easy-to-care for native tomato that thrives on neglect and is directly related to the ancient predecessor of the modern tomato. Tiny currant tomatoes. If you put it in the right place and help it get established, you'll likely be beating it back with a stick in a few months.


Brad’s Atomic Grape tomato seedlings

This has all the characteristics of a heirloom - true to seed, open-pollinated, non-hybrid - but hasn't been around for 50 years yet. It's a grape tomato, which means it takes the heat of Northeast Florida better than most larger tomato varieties. It also looks like it was inspired by a college-town head shop.


Black Cherry tomato seedlings

This organic heirloom is University of Florida approved for Northeast Florida. Cherry tomatoes yield well in Florida and tolerate heat longer than big slicers. This variety is named for its rich, complex flavor and complexion. Hershey's syrup not included.


Paul Robeson tomato seedlings.

This Russian black heirloom grows super tall and produces big, beautiful fruits with a complex taste that has taken tops in national taste tests. It grows slowly but the payoff is the chance to have a slice of a star athlete! In this case, Paul Robeson was not just a star athlete, he was an ardent advocate for equality for African Americans. At 6-foot-3, he was nearly as tall as these monsters get.


Mortgage Lifter tomato seedlings

This Ark of Taste tomato consistently wins national taste tastes for its large size and sweet, meaty and balanced taste. The story goes that in the 1930s in West Virginia there was a man, M.C. "Charlie" Byles who lived at the bottom of a hill in West Virginia. When tourists came through, they'd burn their radiators up trying to get over the hill, then coast down to where 'Radiator Charlie; would fix it for them. He found another way to make money, though - with this new species of tomato he cultivated. He sold enough to pay his mortgage!


Native pumpkin seedlings

See this post for detailed information about how we grew these in our garden.

Native Seminole pumpkin

Native Americans in Florida have grown these for hundreds of years in a state not hospital to most cultivated pumpkin varieties. These are more for eating although you can make plenty of designs in the orange-tan fruits. See our post on the main page.


Heirloom Pepper Seedlings

Fish pepper

This Ark of Taste pepper is at least 150 years old and was popular in urban seafood cuisine in the 19th century. It nearly died out, which is one of the reasons why it is internationally designated an important part of culinary history. It's a beautiful, versatile pepper with lovely foliage. Read the article on the main page.



Green Zebra Tomato

Sweet Basil

Fernleaf dill

Burgundy okra

Clemson spineless okra

Blue goose cowpeas

Zipper cream cowpeas

Perpetual spinach

Red Russian Kale

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