During World War II, families planted ‘Victory Gardens’ to help feed the country. According to the History Channel, 40 percent of produce was grown in the backyard. There’s no reason we can’t do the same, but plenty of reasons to follow suit: Freshness, nutrition, cost savings and the joy of growing things with our kids.

This follows World War I, when so many agricultural fields were used as battlegrounds the burden fell on the U.S. to produce crops, and the U.S. Federal Government’s decision to push Americans to grow food to feed the world.

One of our visitors got inside:

(There’s a reason why the Old Testament talks about beating swords into plowshares. Some things never change.)

Here, Ellen DeGeneres opines:

Fast forward to now. We can still feed ourselves and our neighbors.

Attract beautiful and beneficial insects to your yard planting native and coastal plants like Plumbago. Here’s one of our resident Giant Swallowtail butterflies, pollinating as she sips.

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